Trinamic + Maxim: Empowering Intelligent Motion

Trinamic’s motion control expertise and Maxim Integrated’s analog process technology and power design skills will enable a new class of intelligent actuators. This extends our customers’ ability to deliver intelligence at the edge.

We have been using the Trinamic chip for a very long time and are impressed by the performance and lifetime of the product. Thanks to good documentation and instructions, the products are easy to assemble. TRINAMIC Motion Control manages to combine logic and performance in its products. In particular, Trinamic convinces us with its excellent service. Tobias Kuentzle - Head of Technical Innovations & Co-Founder

Why Trinamic?

Why do the most forward-thinking companies on the planet repeatedly choose Trinamic? Of course, some choose us because of superior product features. However, the majority of our customers selects us because our sole focus on motor and motion control provides access to deep application knowledge, enabling our customers to be the market leader.

Amplify Your Product With Trinamic Technologies

Micro Stepping

The higher the micro-step resolution, the smoother the motor, greatly reducing resonance and distortion.

Ramp Generation

No beer gets spilled! Trinamic's advanced motion controllers support S-shaped acceleration ramps for super smooth motion.



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