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TMCL-PC.exe (v1.1.4.0)
(1.11MB 17-Oct-13)

TMCL-PC is a PC based version of the simple-to-use TMCL software. It allows the control of multiple modules via one PC, so that any kind of interaction between the motors and I/Os available on the different modules can be realized. This for example allows the BLDC motor modules to be inter-operated with stepper motor modules.

The TMCL-PC is downloadable free of charge.


Application Notes

  File Size Modified
TMCL-PC_ShortSpec.pdf 159.66kB 17-Oct-13
TMCLPCQuickStart.pdf 44.52kB 17-Oct-13

Code Samples

  File Size Modified
TMCLParam.tmc 4.72kB 17-Oct-13
TestOneModule.tpc 328B 17-Oct-13
TestTwoModules.tpc 378B 17-Oct-13


  File Size Modified
TMCL-PC.exe (v1.1.4.0) 1.11MB 17-Oct-13